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models + hand drawings

earthship pavilion

model of a greenhouse and earthship pavilion and learning space near cu boulder east campus. the excavated earth from the foundation is used to insulate buildings on the north side. south facing structures allow natural light for the greenhouse, with shade canopies for classroom space.

built in rhino, fabricated by 3d printer + laser cutter.

rooftop social space

a solar powered rooftop green space to encourage community and social interaction on pearl street.

this model was hand made using basswood, chipboard, and pla paper.

golden pyramid

inspired by ancient pyramids, the model follows the golden ratio theory. the helix or staircase in the center creates a path from the reflected inner pyramid, or cosmic world, up to the tip, or the ascension point of the supra cosmic world. lattice-work grid inspired by traditional brick shaped siding of a pyramid. the base is an accurately measured golden ratio triangle.


this model is completely hand made.

light in dark

this abstract model of the clyfford still museum in denver aims to discover the diffusion of light through acrylic and its movement against concrete.

acrylic designed in rhino, fabricated by laser cutter. concrete by hand sawn mold.

oblique bridge

this hand drawn oblique is an accurate plan of a pedestrian bridge on the boulder creek path [28th street between colorado and arapahoe].

therme vals abstract

after a focus on therme vals in switzerland designed by peter zumthor for multiple weeks, this is my abstract hand drawn depiction of the essence of therme vals. earth meets slab meets water.

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